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Temp mail

Temporary email is also known as temp mail, Disposable email, fake email generator is an email service that you can use without creating accounts. You can use these temporary email addresses to sign-up for websites that you don't trust. So you will not receive any spammy, promotional emails to your primary email address. Also, You can simply forget about your temporary email address when you feel you don't want it anymore. If you wish you can create almost unlimited temporary email addresses.

The main point is you don't have to sign up for those emails to get an email address. These services automatically generate an email address for you. No mobile number verifications, No sign-ups just grab your email and you can use it anywhere.

These temporary email addresses used only for receiving emails. So you can't send emails from those services.

Why use temporary mail

We can make an alternative email address from gmail, outlook, yahoo mail addresses for free. So only you have access to that particular email address. But, you will not be able to make a large number of email addresses from those email providers. They will prevent you from creating new accounts or you will have to provide a telephone number. Which is nearly impossible to do. So you have to use a temporary mail address rather than using those service providers.

If you want to create so many accounts on a single website. Then the easiest way to do is to use a temporary email address. Because it will provide you unlimited email addresses and you just need to do is just sign up.

Almost nearly every website asks for sign-up to use their platform, access data, view data. But when you use your primary email address for those websites. You will receive a lot of spammy emails every day. Your inbox will full of those not important stuff. It will make harder to find emails that really important. But, If you use a temporary email address for those sign-ups. You will not receive those spammy emails. This will make your personal email address free of spammy emails.

Most of us use our common password as the password on all websites. So the owner of the website can collect them and try on different services. So that can lead to certain security issues. That's why we recommend you to use temporary email addresses for sign-ups. Use these services for signing up for websites that you don't trust.

Temporary email for Facebook

Most of us tend to use temporary email for Facebook and Instagram sign-ups. Just to make fake accounts. You can use these temp emails for creating a huge amount of Facebook accounts. But don't make real ones with these services. Because anyone can get your email address without any username or passwords. Your email address remains here for about one month. So you can come here and recreate your email address and you can get the emails again.

How to use this service

You have two options when you using our service. The first one is to use randomly generated email address. The second option is to create an email address as you want. So if you just want any email address, just click the Random button and if you want to create a specific email with your name or anything, Just hit create and enter your desired name in the text box.

In any case, if you need your email address back. There is no limitation to that. You can regain your email address. We use cookies to remember your emails. So you can simply select the email address you used before. Then it will again ready to receive emails. Also, If you re-using the generated email address within one month. You also can get your previous emails. We store them for about 30 days.

Do I have to pay?

These websites offer full service absolutely for free. No sign-ups, No payments. But if you are a programmer and want to implement these in some of your programs. Some of these temporary email providers give API for a cheap price. But, If you love our service. You can request us and we will give API access for free.

Can I get the email address I previously used?

Yeah, Your emails will remains in the same email address for about 30 days. So that you can reuse your previous email address again and again. You just need to create an email address with the same name you used before.

But, This function has disadvantages also. That means, Not only you can get those email addresses. Anyone using this service can randomly enter your previous email address and he/she will be able to receive all your emails that received to the same account. So if you use this service for sensitive tasks there is some kind of risk to leak your private data. Such as payment details.