8 Best Temporary email address providers

What is a Temporary email address?

Temporary mail is also known as fake email. Naturally, you need to sign up for an email service provider in order to use emails. So they are permanent and you use them for businesses or personal stuff. You mostly use these kinds of email addresses for sign up for Facebook, Tweeter, Paypal. You have a lot more email services for free. But, When you need a specific service from the internet and when you go to their website. They might be asking for sign up. But you may don’t trust those services to give your permanent email address. Also, you don’t want to receive those promotional, reminding emails.

So you what can you do to sign up for websites that you don’t trust and don’t want them in the future. Simply you can use a temporary email address for each signup. Because they are temporary you will not get any email after your work is done. So that’s a plus point. Also, there are so many temporary email address providers you can go there anytime and you can use them for signup processes. Also, there is a negative side too. Anyone can use your previously used email address for their use. So they will get your emails. You can avoid those by don’t use these email addresses for your personal stuff.

1)Temp Mail org

temp-mail screen shot


Best service. You just need is to visit their website. Then you can see an email address and that’s yours. You can just copy it and use it anywhere you want. And if you don’t like that random email, you have the ability to change the email as you want. There are a lot of domains available and they change within a certain time period. You can use your name also if you want.


our website screen shot image


Haha, another best email service provider. Here also you have the ability to change the name of your email as you want. mainly if you want your email address back. You can do it within 30 days. Yep, You can get emails that received to your email address within 30 days. You just need is to click on the create button and enter your previous email name and select the previously used domain name from the dropdown menu. You have a lot more domain names to select and have a user-friendly interface.

3) TempMailAddress

temp mail address image


It has more functions. You can delete your emails and leave them there. So other users cant get your previous emails. But there are a lot of ads and has more chance to click on them. You can also change the email to what you want.

4) Tempmail

tempail screen shot image


You have no option to change your email address and unfortunately, you can’t change domain eighter. A little bit good ad placement and you can copy the email address by scanning their QR code. No mentioning about the time period that you can use that email. Also, You can delete emails that you received when you leaving.

5) Temp mail.io


A new temp mail service. A dark color UI and you can change your email name. Also, have several domain names to choose one. No option to delete the emails and also there is no mentioning about how long does it store those emails that you didn’t delete.



Also a new temp mail website. But you can’t change the domain name of the email address. Also, there is no delete option available. So you can’t delete those emails. Clean and nice-looking UI for easy use.

7) email on deck

email on deck

In this service, you have to first prove you are a human. So there is a security check-up. You have an option to recover your previously used email account also. But you can’t change the name or the domain name of the email. But there is a paid version also. I think you will have more customizations on theirs.

8)Temp Mail.net

temp mail.net

Dark UI. So you can use this at night. But don’t have many more options. You cant change the email address. You have to use the randomly generated email address.

Fake email id

You can use those to prevent from spam emails, Promotions. You don’t have to pay or either register for those service providers. Just to visit the email provider website. That’s all you have to do. Many of those email providers provide API supports. But you have to pay for it. There is also a free API provider such as our website. We provide a completely free API for you. So you can build your own email service with us.

You can use those services to signup for Facebook, tweeter, Instagram or any other social media. If you want to make bulk accounts you may need an API. You can get a free API here. From our website. You have full control of your temporary mail address on our website. You can change your email, domain name or whatever.

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